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Case Profile

Docket Number18-1116
Full NameIntel Corp. Investment Policy Committee v. Sulyma
Short NameIntel Corp. Investment Policy Committee v. Sulyma
PetitionerIntel Corp. Investment Policy Committee
Date Argued (Reargued)Dec. 4, 2019
Date DecidedFeb. 26, 2020

Question Presented

Whether the three-year limitations period in Section 413(2) of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, which runs from “the earliest date on which the plaintiff had actual knowledge of the breach or violation,” bars suit when all the relevant information was disclosed to the plaintiff by the defendants more than three years before the plaintiff filed the complaint, but the plaintiff chose not to read or could not recall having read the information.

Case Prediction Summary

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Total Prediction Count360
Votes for Justice Affirm171
Votes to Justice Reverse189
% Justice (A)ffirm/(R)everse
53 (R)
Votes for Outcome Affirm18
Votes for Outcome Reverse22
% Outcome (A)ffirm/(R)everse
55 (R)
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