Josh Blacman LLC, referred to hereafter as Sponsor, is pleased to sponsor the FantasySCOTUS - October 2017 Term of the United States Supreme Court Contest (“Contest”). The Contest begins October 7, 2019 and ends July 1, 2020. Below are the Official Contest Rules (“Rules”).

No purchase necessary to enter or win. Void where prohibited by law. Sponsor reserves the right to cancel the contest at any time. You must be 18 years of age or older to win a prize. Employees, officers, directors of the Sponsor, their respective parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries and the members of their immediate family (parents, siblings, children & spouse) regardless of where they live or those persons living in the same household of such employees/officers/directors, whether related or not, are ineligible for prizes.

Participants must submit their predictions online at (“Site”). No other form of entry will be accepted.

Participants will be able to make predictions on how each Justice will vote for cases that are argued before the United States Supreme Court (“Court”). Participants can select that a Justice will vote to AFFIRM, REVERSE, or RECUSE from a case.

Participants may enter predictions, and change those predictions, at any point before the case decision is known to participant or public. The Sponsor reserves the right to determine when the decision is known to participant or public, and may void any participant predictions made after this time. (Generally, this will be at 10:00 AM ET on the day the case is decided).


The Prize structure for the Elect League will be announced later in the Term. No cash prizes will be awarded.

Prizes will be awarded to participants in the Elect League based on the number of points scored during the competition. Should two or more participants score the same number of points, the participants will split the prizes for that level and the next levels equaling the number of tying participants. (Example: 3 people tie for the top prize – the grand prize, 1st prize and 2nd prize will be added together and split between the winning participants). Cases that are dismissed as improvidently granted, or affirmed by an equally divided margin, do not yield any points. Participants will be notified within 30 days of end of Tournament by email to the address associated with their account. Winners will have 30 days from notification to claim their prize and provide required documentation for payment. Winners who do not respond to notification within 30 days forfeit their prize. Prizes will be awarded within 75 days of final date of the Contest. Only U.S. citizens or resident aliens are eligible for prizes. Decisions of the Sponsor are final with respect to all elements of scoring, rank, and prize award.

Elect League members may also be eligible for case-specific contests or prizes that will be announced during the Term.


Each correct prediction for a Justice’s vote (AFFIRM or REVERSE) is worth 10 points. No points are awarded for selecting RECUSE. When nine Justices hear a case, predicting all Justices correctly will yield 90 points. Predicting the outcome of the case (affirm or reverse) is worth an additional 10 points. Each case can thus be worth a total of 100 points. (However, with an eight-member Court, cases are worth a maximum of 90 points).

For example, in Schwarzenegger v. Entertainment Media Association, the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit found that a statute barring the sale of violent video games to children was unconstitutional. A participant predicts that Justices Roberts, Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas, and Alito will vote to reverse the Ninth Circuit, and that Justices Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan will vote to affirm, or agree with the Ninth Circuit. Assume the participant’s predictions are correct, except for Justice Kennedy, who in fact voted to affirm the lower court. In this scenario the participant would earn 80 points for the case.

We realize that in some cases, a Justice votes to affirm in part and reverse in part. Also, the Court will sometimes affirm in part, and reverse in part the lower court's decision. In such cases, it is often hard to characterize whether it is an “affirm” or “reverse” vote. A panel of legal professionals from Sponsor and third parties (“Panel”) will make a judgment as to whether the affirm or reverse vote is on a more prominent part of the case. If a case is DIG'd (Dismissed as Improvidently Granted), or affirmed by an equally divided margin, predictions will receive no points. If a case is Vacated and Remanded, it will be treated as a DIG, and predictions will receive no points. Decisions of the Panel are final.

Additional Terms

All determinations of the Sponsor are final.

Participants agree to release and hold Sponsor, its divisions, affiliates and subsidiaries, successors, heirs, assigns, officers and employees harmless from all actions, suits, claims and demands of any kind, which Participant, Participant’s heirs, executors, administrators and assigns had, now have, or hereafter may have, by reason of any matter connected to the Contest, without limitation.

The user names, actual names, and or affiliations of participants may be used in connection with the Contest such as on leader boards or in promotional materials which may appear outside of the Sponsor sites, such as on social media. Personally identifiable information, such as email addresses and phone numbers, will only be used by Sponsor in connection with the operations of the Contest.

Sponsor is not responsible for late, lost, illegible, incomplete, damaged or misdirected entries and reserves the right, in their sole discretion to disqualify any individual it finds to be cheating or tampering with an entry or the operation of Contest or who is in violation of these terms. Sponsor reserves the right to prosecute any fraudulent activities to the full extent of the law or business policies.

Any notices or changes made to questions, scoring, or anything else related to the Contest will be posted to the site, blog, or sent as an email and serve as constructive notice.